A landscape constantly reshaped by the water

Water, a significant part of the district’s identity, is shown off by landscaping which contributes to the comfort and quality of life of residents.

An educational trail on the theme of water illustrates the alternative, landscape-focused and recreational approach to using the resource
Recovery and reuse of rainwater to save on tap water.
Management of run-off water through landscaping to prevent discharge into drains.
Alternative management of waste water for experimental schemes such as floating housing.
Development of biotopes in ponds to reduce pollution.
Natural bathing space within the pioneering sustainable development, supplied by water from the Seine which is filtered by plants.

A protected ecosystem
The whole district overlooks the Seine. On the developed land, the riverbanks have been cleared, encouraging the development of riparian forest.
Viewpoints, riverside paths, floating jetties and attractive shorelines line the pathways which connect the various zones on the island and bring life to the riverbank.