Towards green travel

Accessibility and car-free district
This choice is influenced by the desire to create a busy and lively district and encourage soft transport methods.
Within the long, narrow eco-district (150 m x 1500 m), vehicle access is limited to emergency services and specific needs.

Communication and transport points are placed every 300m on Quai du Chatelier, providing excellent links to the site. They act as coordination hubs for the eco-district, and incorporate the following services, on a ground floor level: delivery points, lockers, pigeonholes, bicycle spaces, carsharing meeting point, walking bus… There are also plenty of shared parking spaces available. Buildings are constructed upwards to help reduce the risks of flooding and impacted ground.

Soft transport modes preferred
In addition to the district’s internal soft transport network, a cycling path is planned for the longer shore.

Intermodal transport connections within the site
The planned bus and bicycle bridges will in the future offer direct access to the multimodal Arc Express hub on the Saint-Denis / Pleyel site.

Revitalising river transport
The idea of an inter-commune La Défense / Saint-Denis river shuttle is being examined.
Placing jetties on the shorter shore will encourage the development of shuttles on the Seine.